Can I deselect an Active Client?

As most clinical activities, like writing up a note or completing an assessment, are client-related WriteUpp has been built from the ground to be client-centric using something we call the Active Client model.

If you want to "de-select" the active patient its likely that you want to do one of two things:

  1. Record an activity against another client - in which case you can use the Switch functionality in WriteUpp to quickly and easily change active client. You can read more here -> How can I switch between patients?
  2. Undertake a genuinely non client-related activity like:
    • creating a task
    • sending a message
    • booking a non-patient related appointment

In these scenarios, rather than de-selecting the active patient we give you the ability to specify that the activity is non-client related:

Non Patient Related Task:

Non Patient Related Message:

Non Patient Related Appointment:




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