How to link a third party to a client for Healthcode submission

In order for a client's appointment to be invoiced to an insurer via Healthcode, their client record has to be linked to a Third Party, for example Bupa or AXA. 

To do this:

  1. Create a Third Party with the contact information for the particular insurer you are wishing to send the invoice to -> How do I add Third Parties?
  2. Go to the Patient Summary for your client
  3. Click Select Third Party under Patient/Client Information:
  4. Select the Third Party you would like to link your client to:
  5. If you have a lot of Third Parties on your account, you can filter the list to only show Insurers using the Type dropdown:
  6. Once you've selected an Insurer, you'll be prompted to enter information relating to the patient's insurance policy:
    Top Tip: Cover No. (Healthcode) and Policy number will be the same number, the patient's insurance policy/membership number. 
  7. Once you've entered that information and hit Save, you'll be taken back to the Patient Summary page where you should select Save Changes to link the third party to the patient:Image_2018-11-13_at_3.04.00_pm.png


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