How do I include my professional registration number on an invoice?

Many clinics or practices like to include the professional registration number (for example HCPC number) on invoices.

Before you can include a professional registration number on your invoice you need to make sure that you have associated a professional registration number with your user's profile. To do this follow the steps in the article below:

How do I record the professional registration number for a user?

Having completed these steps all you need to do is add the "professional registration number" variable to your invoice footer preceded by whatever text you would like appear on the invoice.

To edit your invoice footer go to Settings -> General and scroll down the page to the Invoice Footer section then use the dropdown to insert the variable :Screen_Shot_2018-11-13_at_14.21.57.png

In the event that multiple clinicians have treated the client you will have the option to determine which Professional Registration Number appears on the invoice by choosing who is responsible on the Invoice Details screen:


NOTE: This option is ONLY presented on the invoice screen if there are multiple clinicians in your site.

The resulting invoice will look like this:



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