How do I remove HTML formatting from exported notes?

When you export notes from WriteUpp to Excel/CSV using the Data Export tool the notes themselves are in HTML format. Why? Because the HTML contains formatting tags that might be useful if you import the notes into another HTML-based system.

When you take a look at the export you will notice tags like <p> or </p>. Don't panic, its very easy to remove these tags so that you are left with plain (i.e.non-formatted) text. The steps below explain what you need to do:

  1. When you first export your notes and open them in your chosen spreadsheet application (Excel, Pages) they will look something like this. See the highlighted bits of HTML:

  2. Select "Find" -> "Find & Replace" from your spreadsheet tool bar. A window that looks like this will appear:
  3. Starting with the first piece of HTML code (anything in <>) type this in the "Find" box. In this example it is <p>
  4. Leave the "Replace" box blank
  5. Select "Replace All" - You will now see that all <p> have disappeared from the notes:
  6. Continue this process with everything that you find in <> to format the rest of your notes. In this example the next you would type in the "Find" box would be </p>

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