How do I invoice a single third party for multiple clients/patients?

At present, its not possible to invoice a third party for multiple clients/patients. However, here's a neat hack that might work for you.

Say you're a physiotherapist who works with a rugby team and you want to invoice the club at the end each month for all the players you've seen this should work for you:

  1. Create a simple invoice template in Google Docs/Microsoft Word
  2. In WriteUpp create a new appointment type and name it something along the lines of "Cheshire Sharks - Sports Massage"
  3. Specify the relevant value and duration of this appointment type
  4. Book the players into your diary with this appointment type
  5. Open up the left hand menu and select activity under business views 
  6. Input the date range that you'd like to invoice the rugby club for
  7. From the appointment type dropdown select "Cheshire Sharks - Sports Massage"
  8. Copy the table which is produced
  9. Paste the table into the Microsoft Word/Google Doc you created in step 1
  10. If the table is wider then the document you've create click on the Layout tab and click Select the Select Table from the dropdown then click the down arrow by width and then the table will fit on the word document
  11. Save, Print or email your invoice


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