Guide to appointment SMS and email confirmations and reminders

If you would like to reduce your DNA rate, SMS and email confirmations and reminders can be a useful tool in ensuring clients attend appointments. 

Setting up reminders

If you'd like to send out SMS and email confirmation you first need to open the general tab in settings and check the confirmation boxes shown below: 


Under the reminders section, you can select from the drop-down menu if and when reminders are sent out. The options are:

  • No Reminders
  • 1 day before appointment
  • 2 days before appointment
  • 3 days before appointment

Please note all appointment reminders are sent between 3pm and 4pm GMT.

Managing Templates

As you can see above next to each type of confirmation, you can edit the message template. When you click this link you can specify the content of each message type. You can also enter variables which will pull information such as the patient's name, next appointment time etc. 


Client Consent

It's important that you receive consent from your client before you send out any SMS/email confirmations and reminders. If your client has given consent you should check the boxes in the client summary and ensure that you've entered a valid phone number (with the correct country code) and email address.


Please note, if you check the consent box after you've booked an appointment no confirmations or reminders will be sent.

Booking an appointment

If a client has given their consent and SMS/Email reminders and appointments are switched on, you'll see green ticks appear when you book an appointment via the diary. If on a one-off occasion you wouldn't like one of these messages to be sent you can click the box and it will turn from green to grey.


Check which messages have been sent

To see which messages have been sent, open up the messages tab in the client summary, this will show all communication which has been sent to the client. You can also check whether the patient has given their consent for an individual appointment by opening the appointments tab in the client summary and selecting the relevant appointment, this will show what messages the client has consented to.


Receiving replies

The messaging system within WriteUpp is 1-way, meaning that you can use WriteUpp to send out emails and SMS messages however you cannot receive replies. The only way to receive replies is by setting up SMTP which allows messages from WriteUpp to come from your email servers and if a client replies the message will go directly into your email inbox. 

The articles linked below explains how to configure SMTP:

How do I send emails from my own email server?

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