How do you register a Patient?

To create a new Record for a Patient or Client:

  1. Click on Create -> Patient
  2. Enter the details of your Patient (bear in mind that some information is mandatory, such as First Name and Surname):Image_2018-09-10_at_1.58.48_pm.png
  3. Once you are done, click Save Changes
  4. Your patient is now the Active Patient, and you will be able to book Appointments, write Notes, complete Assessments, attach Files, create Letters and Invoices for the Patient

Using the 'Switch' Icon to create a patient
When writing a note/creating an assessment/document/invoice you can select the 'Switch' icon which will allow you to create a new patient. That patient will then be your 'Active Patient' and the piece of work that you creating will be saved to your new patient's record. 

If you a create a new patient from here, only their basic information is captured. The rest can be added to their patient summary when you are ready. 

Please note, if you write notes against a patient and click save you will no longer be able to access the 'Switch' function. If you write the notes, don't save them, then switch patients, those notes will be transferred to the new patient.

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