Setting up Calendar Integration for macOS / iOS

How to sync your WriteUpp Diary to iCal on macOS (iMac/MacBook etc)

  1. To set up a sync with Apple iCal, go to Main Menu -> Integrations & Add Ons, click on configure under Apple iCal
  2. Copy your Calendar Feed URL
  3. Open up iCal
  4. Go to File -> New Calendar Subscription


  5.  Paste the Calendar Feed URL into the "Calendar URL" field and click "Subscribe"

  6. Specify a name for your calendar "i.e. WriteUpp", the colour of appointments and any other specifications including the auto-refresh time
    The auto-refresh time by default here is Every week, which means that iCal will only update once a week. To ensure you get the most up to date information pulled through, we'd recommend changing this to Every 5 minutes.
  7. Once complete, click "OK"

 How to sync your WriteUpp Diary to iOS Calendar (iPhone or iPad)

  1. To set up a sync with Apple iCal, go to Main Menu -> Integrations & Add Ons, click on configure under Apple iCal
  2. Copy your Calendar Feed URL
  3. Go to the Settings icon on your device and go to Passwords & Accounts
  4. Click on Add Account and then choose Other
  5. Click on Add Subscribed Calendar:

  6. In the Subscription page, paste your Calendar Feed URL into the "Server" field

  7. Click on the "Next" button in the top right hand corner

  8. Enter a Description (i.e. "WriteUpp Diary") and click on the "Save" button in the top right hand corner
  9. Your WriteUpp Appointments will now appear in your Calendar when they are created in WriteUpp

The frequency of updates to iCal on a mobile device will depend on what you have set up under Settings -> Passwords & Accounts.  Under Fetch New Data, you should ensure that Push is turned on, and that Fetch is set up to retrieve data either Automatically, Every 15 Minutes, Every 30 Minutes or Hourly:


You should also tap on the WriteUpp calendar feed and make sure that the schedule is set specifically to Fetch:




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  • Avatar
    Marco Barbero

    Yes! It is a very useful, but it's a major limitation that you can not modify/delete your appointments using your iCal. 

  • Avatar
    Bob Bond

    Thanks for the feedback Marco. The reason its a 1-way sync and not 2-way sync is (unlike other diary applications) that WriteUpp appointments have extra attributes that dont feature in iCal/Google Calendar, principally - Appt Status and Appt Type. Much as we would like to we can't control these from within the Apple Calendar we can't. I hope this explains the situation.

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