Unable to complete subscription due to PayPal problem

You have been directed to this article because we are having a problem setting up your subscription for WriteUpp through PayPal.

As you know we use PayPal to process credit card payments for WriteUpp subscriptions.

We use PayPal because they are a world leader in online payment handling and we feel it provides the best protection both for you as a buyer and us as a supplier.

Without boring you with the details when you subscribe for WriteUpp we set up a payment profile for you with PayPal.

This payment profile consists of:

  • an amount
  • a payment day (on which recurring payments will be taken)
  • a Profile ID

Occasionally, PayPal is unable to set up a payment profile.

The most common reasons for this are:

  • Change of card details
  • Expired card details
  • Barred card
  • Blocked card due to suspected fraudulent activity (often initiated by your bank)
  • Mis-match between new/existing card and new/existing address
  • Mis-match between profile phone number and your business phone number
  • Insufficient funds to make the payment
  • Incomplete set up of PayPal account
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Bob Bond on support@writeupp.com

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