How do I export data out of WriteUpp?

You can export data out of WriteUpp for your records or for further analysis in Microsoft Excel format using our Data Export Tool.The data you can export is as follows:

  • Patient Records
  • Appointments
  • Notes
  • Invoice details

To perform a Data Export:

  1. Click on the menu in the top left-hand corner and select Tools
  2. Click on Data Export
  3. The Data Export screen will open:
  4. Select a tab - either Patients, Appointments, Notes or Invoices
  5. Click on either the Export to Excel or the Export to CSV button, and this information will be downloaded to your computer in your chosen format

In each table you will see that there is a field called WUID. This is the field that links your data together.  For example, in the "Patients" export you might have a patient called John Smith with WU207684. Every entry in the Appointments, Notes and Invoices exports with WU207684 relates to John Smith.

NOTE: You will only be able to export on a Desktop PC or Mac. You will also need Microsoft Excel or an Excel Viewer in order to view the downloaded information.


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