How do I sync my diary with Google Calendar?

To set up a sync with Google Calendar go to Settings->My Settings then:

1. Copy the Calendar Feed
2. Open Google Calendar
3. Go to "Other Calendars" bottom left and select "Add by URL"
4. Then paste the feed into the URL field of the window that pops up - it looks like this:


Then you should be good to go!

Unfortunately the Google Feed is only polled every day so updates aren't instantaneous. Apple poll every few minutes so updates are more or less instant to the iOS/Mac OSX Calendars. This isn't within our control I'm afraid.

The other thing to bear in mind is that this is a 1-way feed. Changes made in WriteUpp are passed to Google but you can't change/create in Google. The reason for this is that our calendar supports extra information relating to the appt such as Type & Status that can't be specified in the Google Calendar.

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