Why can't I pay a one off fee to purchase WriteUpp?

When you buy traditional software you install it on your computer and in most cases you pay a small monthly/annual sum (normally a % of the initial purchase price) for technical support.

However, when you subscribe to WriteUpp you are subscribing to a service, commonly known as SaaS (Software as a Service). As part of the service you get access to a simple practice management system but we also store you data for you, back it up and provide you with access to your system via a whole host of devices by using a cloud-based computing model (which essentially means our servers do the hard work and your browser displays the results!)

Your monthly subscription contributes to the following recurrent costs:

  • The ongoing development costs of the software
  • Technical Support
  • Server Processing Power
  • Server Data Storage
  • Data Backup
  • Data Centre Security
  • Data Centre Air Conditioning
  • Server Power Consumption

Whilst we would like to offer our clients a one-off fee its simply not economically viable as a significant proportion of the costs of providing the service are on-going and not one-off, as you can see above.

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    Alexandre Gieseke

    While I understand what it is written above, i dont feel that this is the best way for lots of customers ...we should AT LEAST be allowed to pay a "annual fee"..instead of a "monthly fee"...

    I consider this to be a "downside" of this software

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    Bob Bond

    Hey Alexandra, thanks for your comment. I'm sorry our licencing/pricing model doesn't seem to work for you but I have to say most users seem to like the flexibility of being able to manage their plan on a monthly basis.

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