What is an "End Status"

Statuses that are specified as "End Statuses" indicate that the appointment is concluded. Typical "End Statuses" are:

  • Appointment Complete
  • Complete
  • Invoiced
  • DNA
  • CNA
  • UTA

Although this obviously depends on what statuses you have set up. You can have multiple "End Statuses".

To specify an End Status: 

  1. Open settings -> scheduling, then click the Appointment Statuses section at the bottom of the page. Here you'll be able to see which of your statuses are marked as End Status. 
  2. To edit an Appointment Status, click the blue edit button in the right column.
  3. On the Edit Appointment Status Screen, select yes or no by "Is this an end status?"
  4. Then click on "Edit"  by the status that you want to set up as an end status. The "Edit Appointment Status" screen will appear and just click on "Yes" by "Is this an end status?".

  5. Click save at the bottom of the page


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