Does the mobile app have the same functionality as the desktop version?

The WriteUpp App is intended to be a companion to the desktop version and not a like for like replacement.

We intend to add more and more functionality to the mobile app but our primary goal is to provide access to features that you can sensibly use on your mobile device.

The app enables you to:

  • See your own diary and that of your team
  • See which locations you are working in on any given day
  • Book Appointments
  • Create, View & Complete Tasks
  • Write/Dictate and Notes
  • Create and View Assessments
  • Take images and attach them to the patient record
  • Create, View and Edit Patient Records

If you would like to know more about using WriteUpp for iOS and Android please click here

You can download the WriteUpp app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Note: If you wish to configure or change the setup of WriteUpp you need to log into the desktop version of WriteUpp. These actions cannot be undertaken using the mobile app.

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