Released on 5th November 2013

1. 3 Diary slots per hour

We have added the option to set 3 slots per hour in your Diary for those who have 3 20-minute lots within an hour. To set this, go to Settings -> My Settings -> Visible Hours, and set the "Slots per hour" drop-down to 3.


2. Allocation sessions for Insurers

When adding an Insurer as a Third Party to a Patient Record, a new field has been added to allow you to specify the number of allocated sessions for that patient.


3. Added Counselling Speciality

The Counselling speciality has now been added to allow you to specify this for users and assessments.


4. Irish Mobile Code Added

The Irish Mobile Code prefix (+353) has now been added so that it can be selected in the Patient Record and select+book.


5. Postcode Characters Increased

The Number of characters you can save in Postcode fields has now been extended to 16 characters.


6. Changes to General Settings tab (Admin Only)

We have reconfigured the General Settings tab to allow for WriteUpp to be translated into different languages.

Your Country (which is determined when you sign-up) has been removed from the Site tab and is now a read-only field in the General Settings.

Currency and VAT Information have been moved Invoicing section of General Settings.


7. New Trial Dialog

 If you're on the 30 day free trial of WriteUpp, the first time you log in each day will reveal the redesigned Trial dialog which indicates how many days you have left, and easily links you through to the Subscription page. Clicking anywhere on the page will close the dialog.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Invoice numbering
  • Fixed a bug reducing the size of the Notes editor window
  • Fixed a bug preventing full page prints of draft Notes and Documents


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