How do I know when a client has booked through Online Booking?

When a client books online you will receive a notification. If you have unread notifications you will see a red number indicator to the left of your username:


Click on your username to view your notifications:


To view the details, click on the notification and you will be taken through to the appointment within the Appointments tab of the Patient Summary:

From here you can click on the View in Diary button and you will be taken to the appointment in the diary:


The appointment will also have a coloured triangle in the top right hand corner to indicate that it has been booked through online booking:

In addition, there will also be a warning in the Patient and Appointments tab of the Patient Summary indicating that an Online Booking has been made:


Lastly, you can also set up Online Booking so that you are notified by email if an Online Booking is made. To set this up please read the article here

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    René Rasmussen

    Hi .
    Instead of open writeupp to see New online booking. I prefer to receive a email every time a New online booking is done. Is that possible in the future.

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