How do I de-activate a user?

If a user leaves your practice you can de-activate their account so that they are no longer able to login.

Note: If you de-activate a user account, the data associated with the account (Appts, Notes, Assessments) will not be deleted. This means that you (as the data owner) still have a record of the information that has been produced by the user during their employment in your practice.

To de-activate a user go to Settings->Users, select the user that you wish to de-activate and click on three dots at the end of the row and click on "Deactivate".

Once deactivated the user will no longer be able to access the system but their records (and audit history) will remain in the client summary for each client that they have treated. You will not however be able to view deactivated users on the diary, therefore if there are future appointments which need moved, it is easier to do this before deactivating their account. 

This process can be reversed by clicking on the three dots and clicking on "activate". This will result in a new invitation email being sent to your colleague along with fresh login details.

De-activating a user does not automatically adjust your subscription. If you wish to reduce the number of users that you are paying for please read the article below.

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