Released on 26th June 2014

New Features

Internal & SMS Messaging

Lots of users have asked for a mechanism to message both patients and colleagues. You now have the ability to send:

  • A message to a client via SMS - "We've not seen you for a while - How's your back?"
  • A message to a colleague via SMS - "Your home visit is going to be late"
  • An internal message to a colleague about the Active Patient - "Message to admin - pls book follow-up"
  • An internal message to a colleague about a non patient-related matter - "I'd love a cuppa!"

To find out more take a look at our Guide to Messaging

Next Available Appointment Search

We've had lots of requests for a quick and simple way to search for availability in the diary. This new tool provides you with the ability to search for:

  • Availability across an entire team
  • Availability in specific or multiple locations
  • Availability between specific dates

To find out more take a look at our Guide to Next Available Appointment Search

Appointment Status Rationalisation when Invoicing

We have now provided the ability to review and change the status of appointments before you generate the invoice. Any changes you make to the status at this stage will be reflected in the original appointment. This will provide a handy way to make sure that all of your appointments are set to end statuses.


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Multi-Resource View in Diary

You can now see your colleagues' diary alongside your own.

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Patient Communications

In the previous release of WriteUpp all patient interaction (SMS/Email Reminders/Confirmations) appeared at the bottom of the Patient tab in the Patient Summary. This information has now been moved to its own tab in the Patient Summary called "Messages".

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Simplified Notifications

Now all of your notifications appear in one place rather than in two.

The notifications that appear in the new notifications icon are:

  • Incoming Select+Book appointments
  • Messages from Colleagues
  • Pending Tasks

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Documents & Attachments Have Been Combined in the File Tab

Previously Documents and Attachments were placed in two separate tabs in the Patient Summary. We have combined these into a single tab so that you only need to go to one place to find documents that relate to the patient. 

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"Referrer" Field has been re-named as "Source"

With the addition of third-parties in an earlier release, which should now be used for referrers we have re-named the Referrer field to "Source". This provides an opportunity for you to categorise non-referred clients according to the marketing channel that they have come from. For example, web enquiry, email enquiry, walk-in, telephone enquiry, adwords etc. You can also view these clients in Business Views --> Patients --> by Source.

Appointment Invoiced & Paid Indicator

To make it easier for you to see when specific appointments have been paid we have added a "£" indicator that will appear in the clinic list in place of the appointment status.

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Invoicing & Appointment Statuses

It is now possible to change the status of all appointments up and until the point where they have been marked as "Paid".

Deselect Days in My Settings

You can now de-select whole days from your working hours in My Settings by checking the checkbox above the day.

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Search by DoB

You can now search by Date of Birth in the search field.

Custom Fields

To simplify setup and ongoing management we have moved a number of fields from Settings to a new menu item called "Custom Fields" under the username drop-down.

The fields that have moved are:

  • Attachment Keywords - from Settings->General
  • Note Keywords - from Settings->General
  • Sources (previously Referrers) - from Settings->General
  • Payment Types - from Settings->General->Invoicing
  • Third-Party Types - from Settings->Third Party

In addition, we have provided the ability to configure the available Ethnicities.

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Mobile Number Added to User Profiles

You can now send SMS messages to colleagues. To facilitate this we have added a field for "Mobile Number" in the User set up in Settings->Users.

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Clinic List Printing

The printout of your daily clinic list has been simplified.

Episode Filter

To make it easier to see which activities relate to which episodes we have added a filter to each of the tabs in the Patient Summary.

Simplified Login Screen

The login screen has been simplified. We have also added new high-resolution images for those of you using hi-res devices such as Retina iPads.

Bug Fixes

  • Directions Field - Increased the size of the field
  • Mini Calendar - Issues fixed with synchronisation between the mini calendar and the diary
  • Security Enhancements to Notes

See Full Release History

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