Released on 22 July 2014

New Features

Paid Stamp on Invoices

For those users that want to provide clients/third-parties/insurers with a receipt or confirmation of payment this is now possible.

All invoices marked as "Paid" will be stamped accordingly.

Please Note: The Paid Stamp will only be applied to new invoices (i.e. those created after today's update 22/07/14)

Recall List

A number of clients have asked for a mechanism to identify clients that have NOT ATTENDED during a defined period of time.

The idea being that if a client has not attended during a certain period of time they could be a missed income opportunity and should be re-contacted to see if they need further treatment or a follow-up.

The Recall List provides this capability.

To find out more take a look at our Guide to the Recall List


Go to Desktop Version Link on Mobile App

We've added a small link at the bottom of the homescreen in the Mobile App to enable those users that wish to use the "Desktop" version of the software to quickly navigate to it.

This should be particularly useful for those users that want to book appointments on the go, although we recognise that this will not be a perfect solution for users with small screen devices. Rest assured, we are working on a mechanism to enable you to book appointments directly from the mobile variant of WriteUpp.

Google Maps Link

To help with home and office visits we've added a link to the Patient tab in the Patient Summary that enables you to open up the client's home address or alternate address directly in Google Maps.


This should be helpful when trying to find clients but will also help when calculating mileage claims, should they be required.

DoB Added to Invoices

You now have the option to add the client's DoB to invoices if they are required by third-parties or insurers.

To enable this feature just go to Settings->General and then to the Invoicing section and check "Include date of birth on invoice"

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How do I Add Date of Birth (DOB) to Invoices?

Select All/Unselect All Appointments When Invoicing

For those clients that forward book large numbers of appointments for clients either as part of a pre-payment mechanism or discount scheme we have added the ability to quickly select/de-select which appointments to invoice.

To quickly select/de-select just check the box circled in green below.

Bug Fixes

  • Patient Summary - Inconsistencies in the Restricted User Mode
  • Danish Krona Issues - Issue with additional items on invoices
  • Select+Book Availability - Lunch breaks were not being excluded from availability
  • Unable to Create Source (previously Referrer) - Fixed
  • Left Margins on Documents - Increased to accommodate window envelopes



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