Released on 30th September 2014

New Features

Ability to make Notes & Attachments Private

A number of clients have requested the ability to make specific Notes and Attached files private to the Administrators.

This is particularly useful if you have sensitive or commercial documentation that you don't want to make available to other users of the system.


When you create a note now you will see a new checkbox ("Visible to Me") at the bottom of the screen - see below 

When you check this box and click on save this note becomes private to administrators only. While the document is in a Draft state the checkbox will continue to be checked even if you go back into the document and re-edit it.

Once the document becomes Read-Only (after 24 hours) you will notice a small padlock at the bottom right of the document next to the printer icon - see below

Given that only administrators will see locked documents we have also provided the facility to unlock documents (for administrators) in case there is a situation where a note is "made private" in error or no longer confidential. To unlock a locked note just click on the padlock and the lock will magically unlock!



Enhanced Help

To make it easier to get started with WriteUpp we have begun switching from in-app help (which is quite restrictive) to related links in the Help Centre.

You will know where we have implemented this change because you will see a red life ring - see below, instead of the traditional "Learn More" link.


Clicking on the life-ring will take you to the specific section of the Help Centre that relates to the feature or function that you are working with - see below


Clinician Filter added to Non-Invoiced Appointments Tab

To make it easier to identify non-invoiced appointments that are associated with a specific clinician we have added a filter to the Non-Invoiced Appointment tab in the Finance Business View - see below:

Insert Image

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add a clinician filter to Paid & Outstanding Invoices as invoices can include appointments with different clinicians.


Enhanced Document Variables

To help you produce documents quicker and more efficiently, we have added a number of additional variables. These include:

  • Client Email
  • Client Phone
  • Client Mobile
  • Next of Kin - Name
  • Next of Kin - Relation
  • Next of Kin - Address
  • Next of Kin - City
  • Next of Kin - Postcode 
  • Next upcoming appointment Date and Time

Potential Uses:

  • Appointment Confirmation Letters
  • Letters to Parents of Children

Added A New Field In Patient Demographics

We have added a 'Country' field in the Demographics tab in Patient Summary for those practices that work in multiple countries.


Bug Fixes

  • Security Issue With Attachments (possible to access Attachments when entered the exact URL) - Fixed
  • Issue with booking an Initial Meeting Non Patient Appoitntment - Fixed
  • Recall List Issue - Fixed

Need More Help?

We understand that not everything is black and white, so if you need some help, click "Submit A Request" ticket and one of our team will help you out as soon as possible.

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