Released on 7 January 2015

New Features

Copy Timetable

You now have the ability to copy your timetable over to your colleague's diary.

This is particularly useful if you and your colleagues have similar schedules.

You can find this function by going to Timetable and clicking on the "Copy Timetable" see screenshot below.

You can choose which Timetable you want to copy and who you want to copy it to. 

You also have the option to choose whether you want to:

  • Overwrite the existing schedule if conflicts occur (see screenshot below) OR
  • Not overwrite the existing schedule if conflicts occur


If you haven't used the Timetabling feature before you can get started by using our step by step Guide To Timetabling.


Multi Resource Appointments

It is now possible to book Multi Resource appointments in if you have multiple clinicians set up in your instance of WriteUpp.

Simply select the relevant clinicians by ticking the box beside their name (seen screenshot below) when you book the appointment.



Triggered Documents

Within WriteUpp you can now trigger specific documents to be created/opened when specific events occur in the application.

At present only one event is supported which is "New Appointment" but we will be adding more in the future.

In essence, when a trigger event occurs (i.e. you create a new appointment) the document will open so that you can print it.

This is particularly useful for Appointment Letters.

To access the triggers go to Settings->Docs and then click on "+Advanced options".

When you do this you will be able to select the "New Appointment!" trigger from the dropdown.

Read More about Triggered Documents


Launch The Diary In Week View

The diary will launch in week view to give you a better glimpse of the week ahead.


Remember Me For Two Weeks

To save you from having to type your credentials in each time you login we have added the option to save your username for two weeks. For security reasons, you are still required to enter your password.



Bug Fixes

  • Saving text in Assessments - The character limit has been increased to 4000 characters in multiline text boxes.
  • Unable to save tags in iOS - Tags can now be saved.


Need More Help?

We understand that not everything is black and white, so if you need some help, click "Submit A Request" ticket and one of our team will help you out as soon as possible.

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