How do you create a triggered document?

Firstly, lets explain what a Triggered Document is.

A triggered document would be something like an Appointment Letter which always printed every time you create or book an appointment.

Any document can be triggered but at present the only "trigger event" that is supported is "New Appointment".

We will be adding more in the future.

In essence, when a trigger event occurs (i.e. you create a new appointment) the document will open so that you can print it.

To set up triggers on document go to Settings -> Docs, select the letter that you would like to be triggered and then click on the Show Advanced options link:


When you do this you will be able to select the New Appointment trigger event from the dropdown:


If you set up a trigger in this way every time you create a new appointment this document will open for you to email/print.

Note: Its only possible to trigger one document from your list of document templates

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