How do I edit SMS/text templates?

WriteUpp uses templates for Text Confirmations and Reminders (if you have this feature enabled)

To edit these templates go to Settings->General and click on the "Confirmations & Reminders" section.

To edit the template click on "Edit Template" and you will be taken to a screen like this:

Enter the text that you wish to appear in your SMS/Text Reminder or Confirmation. We provide you with three variables:

##FROM## - which is the time of the appointment
##DATE## - which is the date of the appointment
##NAME## - which is the name of the client

You can enter these variables along with any other text that you may wish to add and when the confirmation or reminder is sent it will be populated with the appropriate information. Because the "Name" field can be of varying length we have reserved 40 of the 160 characters available in a single SMS/text for the name - just in case you were wondering why the letter count doesnt show 160!

Important: If your text exceeds 160 characters you will be unable to save the template

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