How do I set up an email template for documents?

To create a template to use when sending a document via email:

  1. Click on Create -> Document:Image_2018-11-08_at_3.49.27_pm.png
  2. Click on any existing Document template:Image_2018-11-08_at_3.51.11_pm.png
  3. Click on the email icon at the bottom right of the screen:
  4. Click on Manage Email Templates for Documents:
  5. Select the + Add Template button:
  6. Enter your template details and select Save Template:
  7. You'll then see the new template in the template gallery:
  8. And be able to choose it from the dropdown list of options when you email a document:Screen_Shot_2018-11-08_at_15.48.05.png

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