I can't see the old style assessments

When we introduced the Form Builder we also made some changes to the way you navigate to and manage assessments.

The "old" assessments in the very long list that you used to see have now been discontinued because they:

  • Aren't printable
  • Can't be edited
  • Can't be used or viewed on a mobile device

However, if you want to use them on desktop devices you can still access them and add them to your list of favourites. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings -> Assessments
  2. Click on the basket icon at the bottom right, this will take you to the 'store'
  3. In the store you can search by 'Speciality' & 'Type'. If you choose your Speciality and then from the type dropdown choose 'Classic' you will see all of the old assessments.
  4. Then just click on the three dots at the end of the row and select "Add to Favourites"

But again, don't forget that these assessments:

  • Aren't printable
  • Can't be edited
  • Can't be used or viewed on a mobile device

If this is an issue you may wish to select 'Responsive' in the Type dropdown. Here we have re-created the most popular "Classic" forms using the Form Builder. These forms are known as "Responsive Forms".

And don't forgot you can always create your own custom assessment forms using the Form Builder.

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