Why do notes, assessments and documents go READ ONLY after 24 hours?

Our goal with WriteUpp is to make sure we protect our users and without being excessively prescriptive stay on the right side of HCPC guidance (if so governed).

This intent stems from our work in the NHS where we have had to put rigorous measures in place in our systems to actively prevent non compliance.

The HCPC guidelines on record keeping state:

"You must complete all records promptly"

Obviously this comes down to interpretation but the bulk of the clinical directors we deal with both in private practice and in the NHS are of the view that writing up notes more than 24 hours after an appointment is "too long" and this is why we:

a) put the 24 hour limit in place
b) don't put an extra date in the note record where users could specify the date of the appointment that the note related to
c) don't allow users to back-date notes

We hope this explains why we do what we do and confirms that our motives are nothing but honourable and in your best interest.

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