How do I log an expense?

The WriteUpp mobile app is the perfect place to log patient-related expenses that you incur when you're out and about, say on home visits.

To log an expense:

  1. Select an active patient
  2. Tap on the burger menu (three horizontal lines at the top left)
  3. Click on "Expense", see below:

  4. Choose a pre-defined expense item, such as Mileage, from the "Use A Saved Template" drop-down, see below:

  5. You will see the unit price information of the item (In this case 40p/mile) pre-populated. Then all you have to do is enter the quantity (in this case 100 miles) and the price will calculated automatically for you.

  6. When you're done just click "Save"

  7. When you next raise an invoice (WriteUpp Desktop) the expense will be listed so that it can be included on the invoice.

Note: You can define expense items in the WriteUpp mobile app when you log an expense but you cannot amend/delete expense items. This must be done in WriteUpp desktop.

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