What are notifications?

Notifications are part of a communication mechanism in WriteUpp to ensure that you are fully aware of important information that relates to you and your practice.

We see notifications as a great way to present business critical in a timely but non-disruptive way.

Notifications can be found by selecting your name at the top hand hand side of the page:

Notifications provide alerts about the following information:

  • Online Booking Appointments
  • Tasks Due
  • Stripe Payments received
  • Completed Access Request
  • Completed Patient Merge
  • Smart Form completed 
  • Internal Messages from Colleagues
  • System Messages, these include:
    • Low text credit warning
    • System Maintenance
    • SMS send error
  • News Messages, these include:
    • New Features in WriteUpp
    • New Articles about Practice Management that may be of interest

You are also able to “complete” a task directly from a Notification:

Or “Reply” to a message directly from a Notification

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