I've changed my laptop, how do I access WriteUpp?

WriteUpp is a cloud-based application so there is nothing to download or install. To start using WriteUpp on your new device all you need is:

  • an internet browser – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer (10+), Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are our test browsers
  • an internet connection
  • WriteUpp login credentials

If you have changed your hardware and you no longer have access to your bookmarks or saved login details you should do the following:

  1. Access your email and search your emails for a message with the subject “Important: Your WriteUpp Account” or look for an email from signup@writeupp.com. This is the email that we originally sent you when you registered for WriteUpp and it contains your secure login details. If you are unable to find the email please contact us as support@writeupp.com
  2. If your hardware doesn't have a browser installed then install any one of: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge/IE10+, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox
  3. In your browser enter the URL specified in your login details (referred to in Point 1)
  4. Bookmark your unique URL
  5. Setup Bookmark synchronisation in your chosen browser. This is nothing to do with WriteUpp but it will mean that your bookmarks will be synchronised on any device where you login to your chosen browser

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