What patient/client related reporting is available?

To analyse, report on or export patient-related information from across your practice click on the menu in the toolbar, highlighted below:-

and select patients

Use the tabbed interface to select the information that you require


Shows you the last 30 Patients that have selected.

By Source

Shows you the the patients associated with a particular source. For example, you may have a source set up called "Website" which you use when new clients complete a contact form on your website.

You could use this view will to see all of the new clients that have come via your website.

By Third Party

This view allows you to see all patients linked to a specific Third-Party (like an Insurer, School, GP or Medico-legal company

By Tag

This view allows you to see all patients by the "Tags" that have been recorded in their profile. To see all patients by a Tag, simply select it from the "Tag" drop-down field and the list of patients will auto-update. You can click on any patient to take you through to their Patient Summary.

Tags are a great way to group together clients in an unstructured way. For example, you may wish to maintain a list of clients that have elbow complaints are children that have dysphagia. Tagging provides you with a quick and easy way to do this.

By First Name/Surname

These views provide you with a quick way to see and export your entire client database, say for an email marketing campaign.

Export To Excel

All business views can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. To export to excel just click on the blue "Export to Excel" button at the bottom of the page.

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