How do I book multiple appointments into my diary at the same time?

WriteUpp doesn't explicitly support group bookings where you can add clients/patients to a specific appointment, however you can book multiple clients into a single slot in your diary. The following article explains how:

  1. Book client #1 into the diary as you normally would do. The appointment will appear in the diary like this:
  2. To book in another appointment alongside the 11am (in this example), just click somewhere beneath the 11am appointment where this free space, say at 12pm.
  3. When the appointment panel appears, change the time to reflect the start/end time of the first appointment and click Save:
  4. You will now see that the appointment appears alongside the first appointment:
  5. There is no limit on the number of appointments that you can add in this way but readability will become an issue if you add lots more appointments
  6. If you add a large number of clients you may wish to switch to the Day view of the diary by clicking on this option at the top right of the diary:

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