Why am I unable to change the status/time of an appointment?

If you have raised an invoice for an appt and marked it as paid you will not be able to:

  • change the date/time of the appointment
  • change the appt type
  • delete the appt

We do this for your protection so that your diary matches the information on the associated invoice. If we didn't do this HMRC would likely to take a dim view of your record keeping.

Example: HMRC audit your invoices and do a simple x-check between the appointments listed on one of your invoice and your diary. A discrepancy between what's on the invoice and your diary will give cause for concern at the very least and may prolong your audit - not something you want, rest assured!

When you click on an appointment in the diary a window will appear where you can edit/update the details of the appointment, see below:

As a result of this safeguard the edit appointment panel will look like this:


Where the time and date can't be altered. The "More Options" and "Delete" buttons have been hidden.

These constraints cannot be over-ridden but you do have the option to change the status of an invoiced appointment by adjusting a setting. The following article explains:

How do I change status of appointments that have been invoiced/paid?

Having done this you will be able to adjust the status of the appt via the Activity List

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