What is WUID?

WUID stands for "WriteUpp ID" and its a unique alpha-numeric identifier that is assigned to every patient in your instance of WriteUpp.

WUID provides a unique and confidential way to refer to your clients. Here are just a few examples of ways that it can be used:

  • In Notes/Documents/Messages you can refer to a client using their WUID instead of their Name so that these documents don't contain any PII (Patient Identifiable Information). To do this just insert the WUID variable into the document or template - Read How
  • In Email/SMS confirmation/reminders you can include the patient's WUID as a reference instead of referring to the patient by name. For example, you might adjust your confirmations so that they read like this: "Your appointment is confirmed for 09:30 on 12/03/2018. If you are unable to attend for whatever reason please contact us on 012345667 and quote WU987913" - where WU987913 is this particular patient's WUID. To do this just insert the WUID variable into the confirmation/reminder template - Read How
  • In the diary you can switch to "Privacy" mode and all client names will be swapped for their WUID. Particularly useful if you want to show a client your diary on-screen without divulging the names of your other clients. Read How
  • In your calendar feed if you feel uncomfortable sharing client names with your calendar provider you can display the patient's WUID instead of their name. Read How

You can find a client's WUID on the Patient tab of their Patient Summary, see below:



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