What is included in my WriteUpp subscription?

WriteUpp's pricing is based on the number of users you have on your site rather than which features, prices start at £14.95 + VAT for a single user subscription. For more information on our pricing click here.

For the cost of your subscription you get:

  • Full access to the WriteUpp product
  • Online technical support (subject to fair usage) 

Optional additional costs include:

  • SMS Credits - If you opt to send out SMS appointment confirmations and reminders you'll need to purchase text credit bundles. Pricing is detailed here
  • Online Booking - It is an additional £4.95 + VAT per month if you decide to include online booking as part of your subscription. The price is fixed and isn't dependent on the number of users on your site
  • Stripe - Within WriteUpp you have the option of taking invoice payments and online prepayment via the payment gateway Stripe. Stripe charge you a transactional fee for payments, details on the payment rate are explained here

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