Is there an auto-recover feature when I'm writing Notes?


When creating notes, if your internet connection is slow or drops, the 'Save' function can fail and your notes may be lost.  This is largely out of our control but we realise its very frustrating, particularly if you've been writing a long note, and so we've implemented an auto-recover feature.

To be clear, auto-recover is not an auto-save feature so its important that you continue to use the "Save and Exit" and "Save and Continue" buttons to make sure you save your notes as you're writing them. However, if you do forget or if your connection drops there will be a draft copy of your notes saved in the background. 

If you are creating a new note or editing an existing note and draft changes have been recovered, you will see this pop up box on screen:


If you click "yes" you will be taken to the information that has been recovered and given the option to save them, or to discard any previous unsaved changes, click "no".  


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