Improvements & Bug Fixes (web v2.13.19)

This latest release of WriteUpp (Web v2.13.19) brings you a few improvements that will aid you in the every day running of your practice and some bug fixes. Here's what we've been up to this week:


More variations added to recurring appointments

When you book a recurring appointment, you can now choose from 6,8,10 and 12 week bookings:
You can read more about how to book a recurring appointment here

Addition of users name to printed/exported notes

When you export or print a note or an assessment from WriteUpp it now includes the details of when it was last saved the name of the user that completed this action.  You can see this here:

Implementation of page numbers when you go to Create -> Appointment

In order to speed up the time it takes to return search results, we have implemented paging when you go to Create -> Appointment:

Bug Fixes

  • The delivery status of an SMS wasn't being updated to "Sent." Following talks with our SMS provider, this has been resolved.
  • Email addresses that included an apostrophe weren't recognised. This has been fixed.

Need More Help?

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