Addition of home phone number to Data Export, Improvements and Bug Fixes (web v2.13.15)

This release of WriteUpp (web v2.13.15) sees the addition of the patient's home phone number to the data export, some other improvements and bug fixes. Here's what we have been working on:


Addition of "Home Phone" number to data export

A patients home phone number (if detailed in their patient summary) will now be included as part of the patient export functionality. You can read more about data exports here
You will see this in an Excel file here:
or an CSV file here:

Warning message added in Xero Export

The following warning message has been added before you export your invoices to Xero:
Image 2019-09-13 at 2.46.04 pm
We recommend that if you have invoices already in Xero, from another source that you edit the starting number of your invoices in WriteUpp. You can read how to do this here. This will avoid the possibility of an incorrect duplicate invoice being changed in Xero.
Please note, if an invoice in Xero has a payment associated with it, it will be left unchanged. Only invoices in a draft state will be updated.

Page direct following cancelling out of a task

Previously, if you opened a task from the "Task" tab of the patient summary and pressed 'Cancel' you were redirected back to the diary screen. To help with work flow, we have changed this so you will be taken back to the "Tasks" tab of the patient summary again.

Bug fixes

  • "Local Stripe Fees" link within Settings -> Invoice -> Configure Online Payment was taking you to the wrong place. This has been fixed
  • Patient switch was not listing "most recent patients." This has been fixed
  • "Boost' notifications for events that use the portal (Direct messaging, Smart Forms, Consent portal and Stripe) were not being generated. This has been addressed


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