Improvements & Bug Fixes (Web v2.13.3)

This WriteUpp release (Web v2.13.3) brings you some improvements to what communications can be sent at the time of booking an appointment, the addition of some variables that were requested and some small bug fixes. Here's what we've been up to:


Ability to see what communications are to be sent at the time of booking

When you book an appointment, you are now able to see what communications are scheduled to be sent along with that appointment. To see this, simply click on "Edit Details" in the appointment model:
Then, using the scroll on your mouse, you are able to see all messages that are estimated to go out for that appointment and when it is scheduled to be sent based on your appointment communication triggers:
[a5633820bbe76dc3a287f743005a7090]_Screen Recording 2019-06-24 at 03.28 pm

Ability to skip an appointment confirmation

If you don't want an appointment confirmation to be sent, you now have the ability to "Skip" this. To do this, select "Edit Details" in the appointment model (as above) and toggle the "Skip confirmations" switch to the right:
[d4af561677a055aba69e8800a658b595]_Image 2019-06-24 at 3.30.53 pm
This will allow the confirmation communication to be skipped but will still send any reminders that you have set up for that appointment.

Notification of completed consent form

You can now receive a notification if a patient has completed a consent form that was sent via email.
This information will appear in your notifications when the patient completes the consent process:
Image 2019-06-24 at 12.25.01 pm
You can learn how to manage your notifications here

"Regular" Users can now manage Lists

If you are a "Regular user" you now have the ability to add/remove clients from any lists that have been created by a site admin.
You can learn how to manage lists here
You can find out more information on user roles & types here 

Addition of Variables

You can now add surname,  appointment type, cost and duration of an appointment as a variable to your communications.
Please bear in mind that if you use the variables for cost and duration, WriteUpp will only insert the value that is associated with that appointment type i.e 60 not £60. The additional information, such as £ or minutes, would have to be inserted into your communication templates.

Addition of Glottal stop to phonetic symbols

You now add a Glottal stop as a phonetic symbol when writing notes in WriteUpp

Bug Fixes

  • Variables in communications were picking up appointments that had a "Cancelled" status. This has now been addressed.
  • Direct Messages were not sending for some users that have SMTP enabled. This has been fixed
  • Issues surrounding values being incorrectly rounded up have been fixed
  • If you were to create an invoice using the "Quick Invoice" function, the due date of the invoice wasn't being populated. This has been fixed
  • Editing the header of an invoice that had been created wasn't working. This has been addressed
  • Issues surrounding phonetic symbol placement when typing notes using iPad/Safari have been fixed
  • Trigger documents were being created when booking a non patient appointment type. This is no longer the case

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