Improvements & Bug Fixes (Web v2.13.1)

Following some very useful feedback from our wonderful users, this release brings you a couple of small improvements to the confirmation and reminder changes that we brought to you in Web v2.13 - Patient communications and some other bits and pieces. It also includes some bug fixes that you kindly brought to our attention. Here is what we've been up to:


Online Booking Appointment Confirmation

Regardless of whether or not you have an appointment confirmation trigger set up in Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Triggers, *all* patients that book via online booking will now receive a confirmation of the appointment via email. This is to ensure that your patients know that the appointment booking process has been successful and reverts things back to the way they were before the release of v2.13

"Day" has been added as a variable for Confirmations & Reminder Templates

The day an appointment is due to be held can now be added as a variable in your confirmation and reminder templates. Just use the variable ##NEXTAPPDAY## from the VAR dropdown.
Messages would read:

"Dear Emma, this is a reminder that you have an appt on Monday 29/07/19 @ 1500"

WUID added to the "Merge Duplicate Patients" Screen

When you create a new patient merge you will now see the WUID in the "Winner" and "Loser" boxes:
This will help determine which patient you would like to keep if the records are very similar.

Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue surrounding invoice "creation date"  in Tools -> Data Export. This has been resolved
  • The confirmation email that is sent to clinicians when an appointment is booked via online booking was not sending. This has been fixed
  • There was an issue surrounding setting up SMTP via -  this has been fixed

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