Ability for all user roles to merge patients, improvements & Bug fixes (web v 2.13.13)

Following some useful feedback from our users, this release (web v2.13.13) sees the return of all user roles being able to merge patients, some other small improvements and a bug fix. Here's what we have been working on:


All user roles able to merge patients

Following some great feedback from our users, all user roles in WriteUpp now have the ability to merge duplicate patients. Site administrators can continue to do this from Settings -> Tools. All other user roles can do this from the active patient drop down:
You can read more about how to merge a patient here

"Coding" removed from all "Fields" apart from 3rd Party Types

Old legacy code that referred to "Coding" has been removed from the following fields:

  • Custom Fields
  • Attachment Keywords
  • Note Keywords
  • Payment Types
  • Sources
  • ISC

This piece of information only relates to 3rd Party Types where it still remains.

Notes/assessments still editable after a patient has been discharged

If you have "Auto Lock" switched off, any notes or assessments that are in a draft state when a patient is discharged, will remain in an editable state. Notes or assessments can still be edited or manually locked without affecting the discharged episode or creating a new one.
You can read more about how to manage locking for notes here 

"Paging" has been added to the Appointments tab of the patient summary

If your list of appointments for a particular patient is very long, you will now see paging numbers at the bottom of the page to help navigate the list:
This is found in the patient summary under the "Appointments" tab.

Dermatologist added to job roles

When you create a new user in your site, you can now select "Dermatologist" from the list of job roles:
Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 16.51.16

Bug Fix

  • Appointment model was bringing up incorrect time when clicking on a timetabled field in the diary. This has been fixed.


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