Ability to resend communications, check the "status" of an email & Bug Fixes (Web v2.13.7)

In this release (Web v2.13.7), we've added the ability to resend messages and you're also able to check the delivery status of an email if you use the WriteUpp email servers. Here's what we've been up to:


Ability to resend a appointment communication/message to a patient

You can now resend an appointment communication/message if a patient advises you that they haven't received it.
To do this, find the patient in question within your instance of WriteUpp and navigate to the messages tab of the patient summary:
Find the message you'd like to resend and click on the date to open it:
You'll then see a Resend button at the bottom of the screen:
Click on Resend, and then OK to confirm that you'd like to resend the message:
After clicking OK you'll be taken back to the messages tab of the patient summary where you'll see an additional entry for the resent message:
Note:  This functionality will resend the original message exactly as it was. It's not possible to make any changes to either the content or the recipient here.
The following messages cannot be resent using this functionality:

  • Direct Messages or Smart Forms
  • SMS messages sent before 23/07/19 (when the functionality was released)
  • Emailed invoices, assessments and notes (Documents and attachments can be resent)

If you'd like to resend any of these messages, you will have to follow the normal process to generate and send the email or SMS as normal.

Check the "status" of an email

If you use the WriteUpp servers to send emails, you are now able to check the delivery status of that message. (This is not available if you send messages via SMTP) You are able to see this in the "Messages" tab of the patient summary:
It's important to note that status information is not guaranteed to be present for all messages, and there are certain situations where we won't be able to display that information:

  • If you use SMTP to send your emails, the only status you will see here is Sent.  As you are using your own servers via SMTP to deliver email, we are unable to track delivery information or see when an email has been opened.
  • Only patient messages sent after 23/07/19 will benefit from the new status information.  Any messages sent before this date will show with the status 'sent'.

The statuses you will see are:

  • Sent - This indicates that the message has been accepted by our email provider (or yours via SMTP)
  • Delivered - Our email provider has confirmed that the message has been delivered
  • Not delivered - Our email provider has confirmed that the message has not been delivered
  • Opened - Our email provider has confirmed that the message has been opened

Bug Fixes

  • Restricted users had the ability to merge patients. This has been addressed and is no longer the case
  • Issues surrounding the formatting of prices that were displayed in online booking have been fixed
  • If you changed your username, the change didn't take affect until you had logged out and back in again. This has been addressed.


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