WriteUpp Web v2.13.5 - Flexibility around "locking" of notes

This release (Web v2.13.5) gives you flexibility around how notes/assessments/documents are "locked" in WriteUpp. Historically, these were automatically locked after 24 hours and displayed with the status of "Read Only". Based on your long-term feedback we concluded that this was rather too restrictive and so we've now given you the ability to manage this yourself. Here's what we've been up to:


Changes to how Notes/assessments/documents are "locked"

You now have the ability to choose how notes are locked in WriteUpp.
You have the ability to choose between:

  • Automatically locking your notes after 24 hours - IMPORTANT: If you are an existing user and you wish to continue having your notes automatically locked after 24 hours you don’t need to make any changes.
  • No automatic locking and maintaining editability (This will be the default setting for all new sites starting from 09/07/19)

In both of the above scenarios, "version history" has been fully implemented so you have a full audit trail of changes made to the note and you also have the ability to manually lock it if you wish to do so.

I am an existing customer and want to turn automatic locking off, how do I do so?

If you no longer want WriteUpp to automatically lock your notes after 24 hours you can now turn off this functionality by going to Settings->General and moving the “auto lock” switch to the left, as below:
Please note, this setting will only be available to site administrators.
IMPORTANT: Making this change will mean that notes will continue to be editable and *will not be locked after 24 hours* However, with the introduction of version history (described below) you will have the protection of being able to see every change that has been made to the note when it was made and by whom.

What do you mean by Version History?

Version history is as simple as it sounds! It is a complete audit trial of any changes that have been made to a note/assessment/document, who the change was made by and when.
To see the version history for a note go to the Patient Summary, select the Notes tab and open an existing note. For assessments, click on Forms/Assessments and for Documents, select Files. At the bottom of the screen click on View History:
You'll then see a modal detailing the history of the note:
From here, clicking on a line within the modal will open up that particular version of the note as it was when it was saved:

Manual Lock

If, for any reason, you want to lock a note so that it is no longer editable (regardless of the "auto lock" setting) you can click on the lock icon at the bottom of the notes screen, as below:
This will ONLY appear if you have previously saved a note. When you click on the key, you will be warned that locking it will prevent further amendments, as below:
Image 2019-07-09 at 8.34.24 am
When you click on OK the screen will refresh, the note will be locked and the icon at the bottom of the screen will change to reflect this, as below:
Hovering the mouse over the icon will show who locked the note.
You can read more about the locking feature and about Version history here

Bug Fixes

  • Bug surrounding patients being created in WriteUpp before the appointment has been paid for and confirmed have been resolved
  • Error surrounding character limit in the treatment description boxes in online booking admin area has been fixed


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