Small Improvements (Web v2.13.4)

This WriteUpp release (web v2.13.4) allows you to hide locations in online booking and the ability to send only an appointment confirmation when booking an appointment. It's a small release but one that we think that a lot of you will find very useful! Here's what we've been to:


Ability to hide locations in Online Booking

If you have locations that you don't want patients to see in online booking, you now have the ability to hide these from the drop down menu. When you create a location in your WriteUpp site its default setting will be "visible". To change this, go to the admin area of online booking (How do I access the admin area of Online Booking?) select "Locations" in the top menu bar, select the location you wish to hide and toggle the "Location visibility" switch to the left:
[ea7aac79dbf7529fa7a31af3fdf56bd8]_Image 2019-07-02 at 8.36.18 am
Turning the visibility off will remove the location from this list:
[982ce026c507cb96cf77ec59d55d1750]_Image 2019-07-01 at 2.16.21 pm
And no appointments will be offered at that location.

Confirmations without a reminder

You now have the ability to send a confirmation of an appointment with no reminders. To do this, click on "Edit details" in the appointment modal that appears when you click in the diary:
[c810ca43906fde9a2630c08e1a5bad60]_Image 2019-07-01 at 3.23.55 pm
And toggle "Only send confirmations" to the right:
[a0ac8716c2c2818ce503a0dd195c6b2b]_Image 2019-07-01 at 3.25.21 pm
This will send a confirmation of the appointment and will mute any further communications for that appointment. If you decide you would like a reminder to be sent, simply select the appointment from the diary and select "Unmute"
[ed10b1ea4715895f7442c984ca7b7096]_Image 2019-07-01 at 3.28.51 pm

Need More Help?

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