WriteUpp - Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.12)

If you have been keeping up with us on Social Media (Find us on Facebook here and on Instagram and Twitter using the handle @writeupp) then you will know that we have a very cool Xero Data Export Tool coming to WriteUpp very soon! In preparation for this and while we're waiting for the lovely people at Xero to approve it we wanted to take care of a few niggly bugs that you have kindly brought to our attention.

Here is what we have been working on:

Bug Fixes

  • Expenses weren't appearing in the Activity Feed on Desktop, but they were in the App. This has now been fixed
  • Issues with the bottom half of the screen being blank when using the Desktop version of WriteUpp on iPad (via Chrome) have been addressed
  • Discounts that had been applied to invoices were disappearing from invoice if billed to Healthcode. This has been fixed
  • Previously you were getting an error message if you were trying to save an expense template with an ISC. This has been fixed.
  • Practice Details variables weren't pulling through when added to an invoice footer. This has been addressed.
  • The issues surrounding using the "Pay" button in Patient Summary -> Account have been addressed.
  • You were unable to create a credit note following some changes that were made in a previous release. This has now been fixed
  • An error message was being generated when trying to view payments to WriteUpp in the "Account" tab. This has now been fixed

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us a line at support@writeupp.com

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