WriteUpp – New Reports, Improvements & Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.05.30)

This release (Desktop v2.05.30) is all about reporting! We’ve added 11 new reports that should give you more insight into your team performance and client data. In addition, we’ve added a handy new auto-recover feature and as always we’ve fixed a few bugs.


New Reports

We added 11 new reports that can be run from WriteUpp. These can be found in the main menu under “Reports.” You will see 3 new tabs, Performance, Client and Episodes where you will find the new reports. The finance tab contains the existing reports that were already available in WriteUpp.
In the “Performance” tab you will find the following reports:

  • Activity in Hours By Clinician By Appointment Type
  • Activity in Hours By Appointment type by Clinician
  • Appointments By Status
  • Appointments By Type
  • Appointments By Location
  • Appointments By ClinicianImage 2018-06-25 at 1.40.22 pm
    The new reports in the client tab are:
  • Patients by Ethnicity
  • Patients by Tag
  • Patients by Gender
  • Patients by Age RangeImage 2018-06-26 at 10.01.23 amIn the “Episodes” tab you will find:
  • Episodes by Episode StatusImage 2018-06-26 at 10.02.48 am

Note Recovery

We’ve had a feedback from users that have they spent a long time writing lengthy notes, only to have the Save fail and the note lost. A Save can fail for all sorts of reasons, slow or no internet connection is probably the top reason which is largely out of our control but we realise its very frustrating, particularly if you’ve been writing a long note, so we’ve implemented an auto-recover feature.
By saving a draft in the background, after each change to a note, we can ensure that if there is a problem at some point in the process, we’ll have an up to date copy of note that can be recovered.
If you go into an existing note, that has a draft change, you are now offered the chance to recover the draft changes or discard them:

Image 2018-06-25 at 2.26.28 pm

Please note, auto-recover is not an auto-save feature so it’s important that you continue to use the “Save and Exit” and “Save and Continue” buttons to make sure you save your notes as you’re writing them.

You can read more about this here:
Is there an auto-recover feature when I’m writing Notes? 

Bug Fixes

  • Diagnosis code 78000 (general symptoms) is not recognised with Bupa Global, causing issues with invoices being submitted. This has now been resolved. Submitting an invoice to Healthcode with Insurer code as BUI now brings up Diagnosis Code box.
  • Issues surrounding using the App on Android 7.0 have now been sorted
  • In list view, unpaid invoices and paid invoices were both highlighted green. This has now been addressed
  • Mobile numbers were missing from an Access Request. This is no longer the case.
  • Incorrect Assessment formatting following an Access Request has been addressed.

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