WriteUpp - Improvements and Bug Fixes (Web v2.12.3)

In preparation for some exciting changes that are coming your way, in this release (Web v2.12.3) we've added a pretty cool improvement to the "sender text" that is supplied when an SMS message is sent from WriteUpp and we've taken care of a couple of niggly bugs. Here is what we've been up to:


Change the source of a SMS Message

Previously SMS messages that were sent from WriteUpp appeared from a mobile number associated with our SMS gateway provider. You are now able to change this "sender text" in the "Organisation" tab, using the new field "Short Name" The field is limited to 11 characters.
Please note, this functionality is restricted to WriteUpp subscribers and is not available whilst on trial.
Here is how the SMS would appear in this example:

Bug Fixes

  • Web address was appearing twice when documents where emailed to clients. This has been fixed.
  • A duplicate zero was being added to mobile numbers when added to a patient file. This was affecting international sites. We have fixed this so that only UK and ROI numbers will have a proceeding zero.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch at support@writeupp.com

Need More Help?

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