WriteUpp – Data Import Tool (Desktop v2.05.21)

In our first release of 2018, we’ve made it even easier to import your data into WriteUpp with our nifty self-import tool, allowing you to import up to 500 records with a few clicks of your mouse! As well as making it easier to import records into WriteUpp this is the first of our GDPR-related features as this will allow you to automatically specify a “source” for the data (i.e. where it came from) which is a requirement when GDPR take effect in May 2018. If you need more information about GDPR please check out the article, GDPR: A Practical Perspective.

New Feature

Data Import Tool

Out with old and in with the new! We’ve replaced the old data import process with a shiny new method which just requires you to copy and paste your information into the tool, specify what’s in each column and voila, your data is in WriteUpp! You can read more here -> How do I import data into WriteUpp?
A handy bi-product of this development is that the data import tool also provides a quick way to enter a small number of records VERY quickly. You can read more here -> How do quickly enter a few records?


In addition to adding the data import tool we’ve made a number of small improvements:

  • You can now see who is “responsible for” an invoice in the business views – finance section
  • Several new images have been added to the annotations gallery
  • Slovakia’s country code has now been added
  • We’ve updated the editor throughout the desktop version of WriteUpp. This isn’t something that we chose to do lightly but the old version was showing its age and we felt it was the right time to upgrade this 3rd party component.

Bug Fixes

  • Appointment name is correctly previewing within Online Booking settings
  • Bold formatting in the invoice footer template is being pulled through accurately into the invoice
  • Very large assessments are now previewing in full

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