WriteUpp – GPDR Tweaks & Improvements (Desktop v2.05.25)

In this small but mighty mini release we’ve made a few tweaks in the run up to the GDPR deadline. There’ll be a few more mini releases coming before May 25th each containing a few goodies to make your life with GDPR just a little bit easier!
If you want to catch up on any of our GDPR articles or features please take a look at the GDPR section of the WriteUpp Blog.



The biggest change in this release is the way you view your attachments in WriteUpp.
Previously you had to download non-image attachments to view them. Not any more! You can now view popular file types like PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX directly in your browser window! Nifty, eh?
Why have we done this? Because if/when you download a file it resides on your hard drive and may present a security risk. This way, everything can stay nice and secure in WriteUpp.
So now when you click on an attachment (that is viewable) you will something like this:
You have a number of viewing options in a dropdown menu (highlighted here in the red box) as well as the option to download the attachment should you need to.

Due Date column

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be handy if I could see a list of invoices that are “Due””……….. Well, now you can!
We have added a “Due Date”column into Finance->Invoices
If you click on Due Date, it will list your invoices in chronological order according to the date that they are due to be paid. Nice one!

 Bug Fixes

  • Deleted records are no longer visible in the Latest Activity feed of the mobile app
  • We’ve addressed issues with Data Imports when using Firefox
  • The issues surrounding “Visible to Me” function in the app version of WriteUpp are now resolved
  • Issue with submission of Procedure Codes to Healthcode has been resolved

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