WriteUpp – GPDR Tweaks & Improvements (Desktop v2.05.26)

Oh, we’re so close to the GDPR deadline now! This is the penultimate WriteUpp release before the GDPR deadline on May 25th.


  • In the Files tab of the Client Summary we’ve turned the file name into a link (its blue) so that you can right click and access your browser’s contextual menu so that you can do things like: open in a new tab/window and download the file

Screen Recording 2018-05-08 at 11.42 am

  • There have also been enhancements made to the privacy tab allowing you to see when and who last made a modification to a client record
  • We’ve added more job roles in Settings ->Users, including: Administrator, Practice Manager, Sole Practitioner, Practice Owner, Receptionist, Virtual Receptionist, Booking Agent

Bug Fixes

  • The document viewer now supports password protected documents. Please note, the spinner will continue to spin but you can now download the file as before:Screen Recording 2018-05-08 at 11.49 am
  • The Privacy switch now works in diary “List” View
  • Issues with Android users attaching documents have been resolved

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