WriteUpp – Tweaks & Improvements (desktop v2.05.27)

Oh we do love a new feature release! You’re gonna love this one!

New Feature

In this release we have created the “Data Hygiene” tool. The hygiene tool is primarily there to ensure that you, as clinicians don’t hold records/data any longer than you need to! This tool gives you a way to get a view on the age of your “dormant” records and to take appropriate action based on your professional/regulatory requirements.
You can read all about how it works HERE


  • We have added a visual indicator to show which appointments were made via Online Booking. You will see if this if your diary blocks are filled in solid colour:[3fb65518b672d2db0eec0811f08b4dff]_Image2018-05-16at4.19.39pm
  • Password protected documents are now detected straightaway in the viewer, allowing you to download them without delay
  • We have added a print option to the image viewerImage 2018-05-17 at 12.13.55 pm
  • If you have a FREE appointment type available through online booking and you also have Stripe configured your clients will no longer be directed to the payment page

 Bug Fixes

  • If a file had been emailed from WriteUpp it was unable to be deleted. This has now been resolved
  • Issues surrounding Date/Time not showing in email confirmations have been addressed and fixed
  • You can no longer manually remove an invoice date which was causing issues with an incorrect date showing on the invoice
  • Some typo’s were identified in Online booking, this has now been fixed.

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